Maps and Memories

by Chris Talerico on Jun 28, 2022

Maps and Memories

There's something about visual cartography that makes us think about a particular geographic area in a new way. 


 These days, we don't really use paper maps as much as we used to. Smartphones have map and GPS systems built right in. So do many of the dashboard infotainment installations in new vehicles.


 But that doesn't mean that traditional-looking maps are entirely obsolete. People still like maps! And besides the practical side of a map, there’s also an artistic element in play, too. 


 The Map and the Mind


 Traditional visual maps evoke memories of a place like nothing else can.


 While you peruse the various geographic points on the map and look at the names of cities and towns, waterways and more, you think about how a certain area is laid out, how it's been developed and what kinds of properties and businesses are there.


 You see the lay of the land, so to speak, and it can really tug at your heartstrings.


 Map Products


 Our visual map products at Map Mom are excellent gifts for travelers or anyone who has a nostalgic feeling about a particular place.


 Browse the gallery, and you'll see the kinds of beautiful scrolling, calligraphy and other features of these visual maps made in our Charleston, South Carolina location. We take care in design and production to make these maps the best that they can be!


 For example, check out some of the neat coastal and marina maps we have created to show off geography that's directly involved in where people store their boats, and where they go when they use them. Another category of best-sellers is map areas that represent some of the vast natural inland areas preserved in the American landscape, places where people enjoy visiting, taking only pictures, and leaving only memories!


 Some of our waterways have an incredible history, and the map can be a visual representation of that as well. So that’s something else to think about in designing these products. 


 Whether it's to foster your fond memories of a destination or to make history come alive, we have the visual map pieces that provide excellent decoration and documentation for home and business properties alike.


 Think about using one or more of these to decorate your home, a commercial property, a beach house, or any other type of place that can benefit from some interior decoration and design. Ask us about shipping and more – we’re excited to have you “on board” as a customer!